10 December 2003 through 22 December 2003
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Wed Dec 10 17:11:01 IST 2003 I pushed the older entries off to another page, so that this one loads less slowly. The last entry on the other page is wedding pictures.
Thu Dec 11 19:21:48 IST 2003 Three more pictures of Shashi and Tejas. Tejas demands constant attention. Right now Yeshas is reading him a book. Tejas has a limited spoken vocabulary, so he tends to say things like "You read!" and "Another one!". He doesn't have his pronouns completely right, either. He refers to people as "that one." When he is playing with blocks, he is always building a house or a sailboat. He is obsessed with monkeys, which frequently visit his preschool (downstairs from the grandparents' house, with the monkey bars). He is beginning to understand when to use English or Kannada, but isn't quite there. The other night, though, he announced to me that "Mangana means monkey!" He got a reaction from everyone, and so proceeded to repeat "Monkey means mangana" and so on, and still says it periodically.

This time with the flash, for better colors.
Mon Dec 22 01:45:20 IST 2003 We went to Yeshas's school last week, to see a sort of show that the 1-4 grade kids put on.

A big screened-in porch-room at the "study center"
Looking the other way in the big screened-in room
Flowers in front of the "study center"
The path to the music building
The path to the pottery building
Students in the pottery building
Yeshas playing the tabla, sitting with the tabla teacher
Tabla action photo
Tabla action closeup
Random instruments in the tabla building
Another view of the pile of instruments
On the way back from the school, we encountered a busy intersection that had been blocked by two quarrelling bus drivers (not pictured). We sat for several minutes, stuck in the middle of the intersection. I took this picture as the snarl was clearing up. The bus is apparently associated with some "School for New Age."
Gaj's grandmother
Madhavi, the kids, and the kids' great-grandmother
Gaj's grandmother's house is in an area of relatively recent sprawl. The subdivisions go in several years ahead of the utilities. This area is still being built on. Several of the surrounding lots were vacantish -- not vacant of people, course, but lacking a big house. The roads are not paved for some distance around. This view is looking left from the front door.
Looking right from the front door.
Looking across the street at a house under construction.
Looking out the window, across the vacantish lot to the left.
Tejas using an inverted bucket as a small table.
Tejas chewing.
Like most houses, this one is made of concrete, and has a flat roof used for drying laundry, etc.. This is a view, from the roof, to the right. At the bottom of the picture you can see a bit of the little house on the neighboring lot -- a one-room (ten feet by five feet, maybe) cement-block house with a metal roof. At left and at center are some cows. This part of town had lots of cows.
Looking behind the house, from the roof.
Looking to the left, from the roof. A clear view of a one-room brick house.
Looking across the street, from the roof.
You may recall Sujata, with whom we went to the silly country getaway (with her husband and children). In any case, we went last night to visit her store, which is an expensive clothing stop. They were having some sort of special event, so we went to see.